Angelina Jolie may have some serious competition!

Jolie turned up for the 2012 Oscars red carpet in a black satin gown, with a thigh-high split and proceeded to strike up a pose, revealing almost all of her right leg, that became an instant style sensation.

Now, it appears, model Miranda Kerr, may be the new leg in town. Kerr showed off a slender but sexy right leg, for a Japanese advertisement for Lipton Ice Tea.

In the advertisement, Kerr is seen dressed in a yellow and red airline stewardess costume. She then proceeds to sip some of the Ice Tea and then place her right leg on top of a cushion. The ad was reportedly shot when the Australian model visited Japan last month.

More recently, she was in the news for admitting that she enjoyed an occasional dark chocolate and French Fries. On the personal front, Kerr is married to actor Orlando Bloom and has a son, Flynn.

Oh... and lest we forget, Kerr actually has a prior claim on Jolie's fabulous pose.

Check out the photo of Miranda Kerr, in that now iconic pose, taken in 2011... and check out the video of her new advertisement...