Lawyer, and wife of former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Miriam González Durántez has voiced her opinion about the post-Brexit government shake-up and PM's Theresa May's decision to appoint Boris Johnson as foreign secretary.

She expressed her views on Thursday morning's (14 July) ITV's Lorraine, stating her belief that May's first big appointment was "shocking."

Ms González Durántez said: "I have to say that the first decision that I've seen her [Theresa May] take is a bit of a shocking one."

"The man [Boris Johnson] we have as a foreign secretary is someone who called the US President 'half-Kenyan' and compared Europe to Hitler, so not really sure how sound her judgement has been so far," the expert on European Union law added.

The international trade lawyer met former Liberal Democrat leader Clegg when they were students in Bruges and spoke of her family after Lorraine asked about their wellbeing.

Of her husband, González Durántez said: "He's doing well, yes, he's writing a book as well; we are a book family now." And on whether Clegg will be returning to politics any time soon, she remarked: "You will have to ask him – he would be delighted [to speak to Lorraine]."

Mmmmm! Treats galore in the studio today. Thanks Miriam Gonzalez Durantez

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Born in the Spanish city of Valladolid, González Durántez is a keen cook and food blogger and discussed her new recipe book, Made in Spain, on the programme.

The partner of international legal practice at Dechert laid out a spread of delicious looking Spanish dishes during her interview, with the official ITV Lorraine Instagram account uploading a picture with the caption: "Mmmmm! Treats galore in the studio today. Thanks Miriam Gonzalez Durantez".

The cookbook was created following the success of her online blog, – set up merely as an attempt to encourage her three sons to cook – which González Durántez began anonymously when Clegg was deputy prime minister.