Cindy Ord/Getty Images for NYCWFF


  • The teenage robber is now recovering under police custody.
  • The incident happened at a hot dog restaurant on Chicago's South Side.

A US teen is recovering after he accidentally shot himself in the penis during a robbery at a hot dog restaurant.

Terrion Pouncey, 19, has been charged with two counts of armed robbery after he held up staff at Maxwells Street Express on the South Side of Chicago at 6am on Halloween (October 31). It is believed he accidentally shot himself in the groin when fleeing from the scene.

Police say they found him slumped on steps just a short distance from the restaurant and subsequently brought him to a local hospital. A judge has ordered he be held without bail after he was unable to attend a hearing.

Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Erin Antonietti said Pouncey put a gun to the head of a member of staff and demanded their wallet.

Instructed by his boss, the second employee handed over cash which was accidentally spilled onto the floor. This forced Pouncey to stoop to the ground and collect the money while still pointing his gun at the employees.

While leaving the store, he attempted to adjust the .38 calibre gun in his waistband but shot himself in the penis. The older member of staff then wrestled with him as he stumbled from the premises.

Police said CCTV showed the teen staggering from the scene. He managed to walk a few metres across the road where he recovered on a park bench.

He then collapsed on a staircase after attempting to move further from the scene. Officers found him unconscious and were able to retrieve the men's wallets and the gun used in the robbery.

Police say his blood-stained boxers match the underwear seen in the CCTV footage when he crouched down to take the stolen money.