Police had been searching for Petr Lysyany after he was reported missing by his family. Upon searching the property of Viktor Zakharov, the police found Lysyany's severed penis. This led to the discovery of two more human remains on Zakharov's property. Zakharov admitted to the murders and is also being investigated for cannibalising his victims. The killer already has a previous conviction for the murder of his sister.

After spotting her missing husband's discarded bike near Zakharov's home, a resident of Severnoye in Siberia, Russia alerted the police. Police started looking for clues on Lysyany's whereabouts on the 66-year-old's property. They first found a severed penis in the man's yard. This sparked an intensive search of Zakharov's home. Eventually, more body parts were found in the garden and outdoor toilet.

The police eventually found two skeletons hidden in the scrap metal dealer's cellar. Identifying one of the skeletons by the pin in its leg, the police determined the other two victims. They were revealed to be 63-year-old Viktor Dryumov, and 53-year-old Sergey Tikhonov. Both men had previously been reported missing.

When Zakharov was questioned about the two missing men, he passed a lie detector test. The Mirror reported that when the police questioned him about Lysyany's disappearance, he told them that the two had been drinking together after which the younger man left.

Eventually, Zakharov confessed to the murder of the three men. He said that after murdering the men, he used an axe to dismember the corpses. While there is no proof of cannibalism, the police are also investigating if Zakharov ate the corpses of his victims.

Zakharov is also being investigated for the disappearance of a 14-year-old local boy. Alexey Bakun was reported missing in 2012. Police have not been able to find the boy nor his remains since he went missing.

Neighbours of the suspected murderer seemed surprised at the crime. Zakharov had spent 12 years in prison after the murder of his sister in 1991. Yet, his neighbours believed that his drinking problem was the old man's only vice until the gruesome discoveries were made.

66-year-old man confessed to chopping up his victims' bodies with an axe after killing them. (Representational image) Rebecca Siegel/Flickr