Sussex police have launched a search for two teenagers who have gone missing from their homes. 15-year-old Karla Pettit and 16-year-old Cash Bailey are suspected to have run away from their homes together. In March, the teens were reported missing by their families. Police eventually found them in East Sussex together. In April, they went missing again on the same day. Police have requested anyone with any information to come forward.

Last Wednesday, Bailey left his home in Hastings at around 6:30 pm. He was last spotted reportedly heading to Bexhill. A few hours later, Pettit was last seen in Bexhill where her family resides. She was last spotted there around 9 pm.

Their families contacted the Sussex Police after they remained untraceable for several days. On Tuesday, a spokesperson of the Sussex Police informed the public of the missing teens. They shared the description of the two missing people, as well as what they were wearing the last time they were seen.

Describing Bailey, the spokesperson stated that he "is of medium build, 5ft 8ins tall and with short brown hair. He was last seen wearing a grey Nike tracksuit, black trainers, a black coat and carrying a grey small backpack."

The spokesperson described Pettit as a 15-year-old "of slim to medium build, 5ft 5ins in height and with shoulder-length black hair. She was last seen wearing black jeans with ripped knees, white Airforce trainers, a black coat, a grey hoody with zip and a cropped top."

The police believe that the couple could be somewhere in Brighton, Peacehaven, Eastbourne, Bexhill or Hastings where they may know people who could help them remain hidden during the COVID-19 lockdown.

When they first went missing, the police launched an online appeal for information to help find the pair with "childish features." Pettit was reported missing for the first time on March 6 and on March 9, Bailey had also gone missing. Two weeks of searching led the police to find them in Eastbourne on March 27. Just four days later, the teens have gone missing again, the Daily Mail reported.

Anyone with any information regarding the whereabouts of the individuals have been encouraged to call 101.

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Sussex police have launched the search for two teenagers who have gone missing for the second time together during lockdown. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images