Discovered on the edge of the jungle by a farmer in 2007, naked, covered in dirt and searching for food, Cambodia's 'Jungle Girl' has been claimed by a Cambodian family living in the Rattanakiri province which borders Vietnam and Laos. She was taken in by the family who identified her as their long-lost daughter Rochom P'ngieng. Rochom, they said, had gone missing in 1989 as a young child while tending water buffalo and was thought to have lived in the wild jungle of north-east Cambodia for almost a decade.

She was identified by the family by a scar on her arm, the Mail Online reports, but also had scars on her wrists indicating she could have been tied up for a period of time. She is said to have found it difficult to adapt to life with the adoptive family and attempted to flee back into the jungle on several occasions, but was always found before she could become lost again.

Almost 10 years since her discovery, a 70-year-old man in Vietnam – named Peo – claimed the woman was his daughter Tak, who had gone missing in 2006. He recognised his daughter, who he said had a history of mental health problems, after seeing photos of her on Facebook.

Speaking to AFP a member of Tak's adoptive family, Rochom Khamphy, confirmed she had been reunited with her biological family. He said "We gave her back to his Vietnamese father. Both my family and Vietnamese relatives cried while watching their reunion," adding that they would miss her.

Khamphy also confirmed there was no dispute between the adoptive family and the man claiming to be the woman's father. The Mail Online reported Khamphy agreed there was a strong resemblance between his adoptive relative and the man. The man thought to be the woman's biological father has agreed to pay $1,500 to the family for caring for her.

Last month, a man was discovered living in Vietnam's jungle. He had been there for more than 40 years.

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A man was discovered having lived in Vietnam's jungle for over 40 years, in July. Alvaro Cerezo/Docastaway