Upcoming Disney film Moana will concentrate on self-discovery rather than finding love, say directors John Busker and Ron Clements Walt Disney Animation Studios

Back in the day, it was almost always a given that in each animated Disney movie, the heroine would find her true love, get saved in some capacity and live happily ever after. While those romantic traditions still apply to some recent films such as Tangled, the studio seems to be keen on presenting different kinds of women lately – ones whose story doesn't necessarily revolve around finding love... Just look at Brave and Frozen.

Now, it looks like Moana, Disney's new Polynesian princess, will be following in Merida and Elsa's footsteps, as directors John Busker and Ron Clements have announced at San Diego Comic-Con that their titular character won't have a love interest in the upcoming film. Instead, they went on to explain that the movie concentrates on Moana's journey of self-discovery and her coming-of-age.

As well as learning about the plot, Comic-Con attendees also got to watch several clips at the panel on Thursday (19 July), including a new international trailer for the movie. In the sneak peek, we see a an infant Moana interacting with the sea on a beach. Busker and Clements also revealed that actor Dwayne Johnson sings in the film with a song specifically written for him by one of the film's composers, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Set 2,000 years ago in the South Pacific, the film follows Princess Moana Waialiki, the single daughter of a royal chief who hails from a long line of navigators. When her family suddenly find themselves in need of help, Moana sets out on an epic adventure across the oceans to find banished demi god Maui (Johnson) and a mythical land which can save her people.

Moana is currently scheduled to reach US cinemas on 23 November 2016 and UK screens on 2 December.

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