Temeenii bayar, a camel festival held in the Gobi Desert outside Dalanzadgad, Mongolia, draws over a thousand participants and spectators, making it the largest camel race in the world.

Before the race begins, there is a beauty parade, where the camels walk passed the crowd, many in colourful Mongolian traditional dress and admire the shaggy-haired camels as they walk passed. After the parade, the owners mount their beasts to drive them on a dusty, chaotic nine-mile race across the steppeland.

Organised by the Guinness World Records, many trek seven hours from Ulan Bator, the country's capital, to watch the competition. There are few entry conditions which are that the camels must be at least four years old and pure breed Mongolian bactrian, a camel which normally carries everything that is required for their owner to be able to build and live in a traditional Mongolian tent.

Temeenii bayar camel festival
Children ride camels during "Temeenii bayar", Camel Festival, in Dalanzadgad, Umnugobi aimag, Mongolia B. Rentsendorj/ Reuters

However, this year the regulations did not stop some to plough uncontrolled into the crowd of spectators, though no injuries are reported. "Your camel has to be bad-tempered for riders to get a place here," one person jokes to another people are often heard joking to each other.

This year, the winning camel finished the race in 35 minutes and 12 seconds.