As many as 100 school students in the Indian capital of Delhi were taken to a hospital after they fell ill due to a gas leak from a fuel tanker on Saturday (6 May).

Students from the Rani Jhansi girls school in southern Delhi complained of breathlessness and eye irritation following the leak near their school premises. Some children fell unconscious while some complained of nausea too, local media reports said.

All the students have been evacuated from the school following the incident that occurred at around 7.30am local time (3am BST).

"Some students complained of irritation in eyes and throat due to the gas leak," a school official told Reuters TV.

The girls were taking an exam in the school when the incident took place. The exams have now been cancelled, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia said.

It is not yet known what caused the leak and authorities are investigating the incident.

Fire service personnel have been deployed to the site to control the leak and offer emergency services.

Initial reports suggest that more than 100 students were taken to three hospitals in the nearby area. However, around 50 of them were discharged after preliminary medical aid. The remaining 50 odd students continue to be under observation, Delhi-based The Hindustan Times reported.

Sisodia said he would personally visit the students who are admitted to the hospital. He said he had already spoken to a few children over telephone.

"I spoke to the girls and the doctors, the condition of the students is normal," he said.

Sisodia added that he had asked the district magistrate to take stock of the incident.