Michael Fallon
Michael Fallon has warned of further defence cuts top come Reuters

More British defence assets must be sold in order to fund front line troops, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has warned.

Fallon blamed the "chaotic legacy with a £38bn budget black hole" for the necessity of further cuts to defence.

Sales of land and buildings have raised almost £380m so far, but Fallon shall insist the "job's far from over" in a speech to the Institute of Government.

"We need to ask more questions about our assets: How many airfields do we need, how many cars and vehicles do we need, and how do we go further in rationalising our defence estate?"

Speaking of a need to make the Ministry of Defence's portfolio "sweat", he continued: "With continuing demands on our resources, with the cost of manpower and equipment rising and with competition from emerging nations, increasing efficiency in defence cannot be a one-off.

"Every year we should be looking to take out unnecessary cost, to improve productivity, and to sweat our buildings and land so we can better support the front line."