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Police say a fight broke out in a taxi in Moscow, leading to an Australian man being stabbed Getty

An Australian man was stabbed to death after allegedly getting into a fight with a Moscow taxi driver, Moskva news agency reported.

The 33-year-old died after a fight broke out on Sunday (1 March) between the two in the vehicle, police told the agency.

A police patrol stopped near the Hyundai Sonata at 10:25am on Profsoyuznaya Ulitsa in south-west Moscow, when officers became suspicious of what was happening in the car, reports the Moscow Times.

When they approached the vehicle, the taxi driver sped off, with the victim inside. Police chased the cab for five minutes, before overtaking it and pulling it over.

The victim was found in the cab covered in blood, with multiple stab wounds to his chest and hips.

He was taken to hospital, but did not survive the ambulance journey, dying after 15 minutes from loss of blood.

Police are treating the case as a murder, and are attempting to establish the cause of the fight between the driver and passenger.

The victim has yet to be identified.