Remember this adorable - and pretty hilarious - moment? A stray dog stole the show at the International Izmir Festival in Turkey in June, distracting the audience as the Vienna Chamber Orchestra performed Mendelssohn's 'Italian' Symphony No.4.

The Labrador's interest in the orchestra went viral after a video was posted online. He strolled onto the stage to laughter and applause, before sitting down next to the first violins. Many internet users praised him for being such a good boy on his best behaviour, just out for an evening of culture.

Here are some other memorable animal moments from 2017.

Animal sanctuary carer serenades baby rhino to sleep with guitar

This video, showing the sweet moment an animal sanctuary worker serenaded a baby rhino, was huge in July. The Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in Sonpark, South Africa took in the rhino in June after it was rejected by its mum, and the poor calf quickly formed a bond with one particular keeper with a guitar.

The moment the calf collapses to the floor to go to sleep, after being played a soothing melody, is just so cute.

Dog experiences snow for the first time

This video went viral after Truffle the dog, who is nearly 18 months old, experienced snow for the first time ever in York at the end of November.

The clip shows the cocker spaniel running up and down on the pavement outside his home, skidding as he turns in the snow. His owner, restaurant manager Jo Ellery, said: "It's a dog mama's dream for her best boy to get as much love as that clip's generated."

Police dog becomes internet sensation with 'Eye of the Tiger' workout

Police dog Nitro was an internet hit in November when he was captured on video enthusiastically doing push-ups to Eye of the Tiger alongside two officers.

Two-year-old Dutch shepherd Nitro, the newest member of the Gulf Shores Police Department's K9 Unit, warmed up before his night duties with Officer Cowan and Officer Hancock.

The video's description on the department's Facebook page said: "K9 Nitro, Officer Cowan and Officer Hancock are getting warmed up and ready to apprehend any bad guys that break the law!"

'No one does 2017 like Brian': Dog's musical wailing goes viral

Brian the beagle summed up the pain of 2017 with a melancholic piano and vocal song, as posted on Twitter by Paul Bronks who wrote: "If an artist's work is truly a reflection of the world the way it is or a fear of what it could become, no one does 2017 like Brian."

Brian's music gained critical feedback on Twitter. One user said: "I prefer his early work. His more recent stuff seems derivative and self referential. Like he's chasing his own tail." And photographer Olwyn Hope said: "He loves to sing , what a wonderful little dog."

Break-dancing gorilla brings joy in a paddling pool

Zola the gorilla, who lives at Dallas Zoo in Texas, had the best way of cooling down in the heat this summer. The primate looked as if he was dancing as he spun around, skipped and thrashed his arms vigorously in the water.

The zoo authority said on YouTube: "Dancing is definitely one of Zola's favorite things to do! Whenever he gets in his pool, this is a common sight."

"He's playing! Gorillas often like to play in water — in human care and in the wild. This pool is a great source of enrichment for Zola, and he's having an awesome time showing the very silly side of gorillas. He doesn't always receive a pool, but when he does he thoroughly enjoys it."

Cat gets confused by optical illusion

Ryan Kotzin's cat Peter was a star this year when he got very confused by a Rotating Snakes optical illusion, attacking it before even attempting to eat it. The image, which also mesmerises humans, kept Peter occupied for more than two minutes, which is a long time in the world of cat attention spans and has earned him more than six million YouTube views.

Cat disrupts politician's live Q&A

The mayor of Riga in Latvia had a surprise on camera when a cat jumped on the table and sipped from his mug as he was answering questions from a live audience. The cat seemed unfazed by members of the public, whereas the mayor, Nils Ušakovs, was speechless and confused for a few seconds before the cat jumped down.

London Zoo employs teddy bear as surrogate mum for baby giant anteater

London Zoo's anteater drew sounds of "awwww" from around the world when it was given a teddy bear as a surrogate mother earlier this year.

Zookeepers recruited the bear to look after Beanie when she was one month old in January. Young anteaters get around by clinging to their mother's back, so Beanie was keeping a firm grip on zookeepers' shoulders before going to sleep cuddling her giant teddy bear.