Man snaps selfie on Pamplona bull run. (Getty)
Man snaps selfie on Pamplona bull run. (Getty)

Police in Spain are searching for a man who appeared to be snapping a selfie while taking part in the Pamplona bull run.

With a 700kg bull only inches away, the man slowed to take the photograph, but was caught on camera by Spanish media and faces a fine of €3,000.

Under new legislation designed to crack down on needlessly dangerous behaviour during the run, the unauthorised use of recording devices while taking part is forbidden.

Pictures of the man circulated on Twitter under the hashtag #eltontolmovil, meaning "the idiot with the mobile" in Spanish.

El Mundo's Jose Luis Vadillo called the incident "one of the best examples of human stupidity I've ever seen."

During the festival, which dates back to the 13th century, bulls stampede through the town's streets, while daredevils try to outrun them.

Among those injured this year was British man Tom Hadfield, who was hospitalised after being trampled.

All three people fined under the new law prohibiting the use of recording devices have been British.

There have been 15 deaths in the bull run since records began in 1900, with scores of injuries annually, and authorities have come under pressure to clamp down on needlessly risky behaviour.

Thousands of visitors descend on the town every year for the nine-day San Fermin festival, with images of the red and white clad runners broadcast worldwide.

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