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Turnstiles at Worcester Racecourse are pictured in three to four feet of water as the whole racecourse is flooded Getty

Less than half of Britain's small firms have no strategy to cope with severe weather, according to a new report from the Federation of Small Businesses.

Almost 60% of small businesses do not have a plan, despite two thirds of them having been affected by flooding, droughts or snow in the last three years, said the FSB.

Furthermore, almost a third of them do not have insurance in place to cover loss of income, costs incurred or damage to property if they are hit by floods.

Mike Cherry, national policy chairman of the FSB, said: "Last year was the wettest winter on record and 3200 commercial properties were flooded in the UK.

"With such extreme weather events on the increase, small business need all the help they can get to make sure they can stay open whatever the weather.

"We remain concerned that small businesses will not be included in the Government's Flood Re agreement, designed to limit insurance costs for those at most risk of flooding."

Damage caused by floods to certain areas last year averaged out at £1,531 for smaller firms.

Of those who were affected by the floods, 46% reported that the biggest disruption was to staff and customers, and 32% said it caused havoc with suppliers, utilities and transport arrangements.

"Small businesses need to get better prepared for extreme weather. However, we know that despite wind, water or fire, many small businesses do manage to stay open and continue to serve their customers," said Cherry.

"When disasters hit we would encourage people to continue to support their local businesses, many of which stay open whatever the weather."