Just months after a convicted paedophile was described by social workers as a "continuing risk", he is being allowed to move in with a mother of two young children.

The "safety plan" to permit the paedophile in his 40s to live with the mother of two, includes the mother locking up her daughters in an alarmed bedroom at night.

The children, both under 13, will also be equipped with a baby monitor in case they need to leave the room or contact their mother at night.

Social workers in Devon gave a go-ahead to the safety plan, since it came with an additional condition where the husband would have to climb over the woman if he were to attempt to get to the girls.

"The alarm and the other so-called precautions to stop my granddaughters being abused are a load of rubbish," said the grandmother of the children, who remains critical of the man who was once jailed for attacking a child under 13.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the grandmother said: "Since learning my daughter's new husband was a paedophile I've tried to express my concerns to social ­services. I'm appalled this man was allowed to move into the family home with my granddaughters. Other family members also feel their concerns are being ignored.

"It feels like my granddaughters are isolated and at risk. Social services don't seem to want to listen to me. It's heartbreaking, but I have to keep fighting this for the sake of the girls."

The paedophile, whose identity was not revealed, is subject to a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) that prevents him from contacting children under 16 without supervision.

The woman, however, has defended the man and told social services that he was a previous boyfriend in the eighties.

A year into dating the man, the woman applied to be an 'approved person' such that the paedophile can contact her daughters under her supervision.

The Devon Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub, consisting of police, probation officials and social workers, approved the request saying, "there are enough protective factors in place for the children."

"Numerous reviews by a variety of agnecies have concluded that his partner who wants him to be able to stay overnight, can adequately supervise him. The police have been informed and the local authority is monitoring the situation very closely with regular visits to the family home."