Rumours are suggesting that Motorola is planning a big comeback by tapping into its older catalogue. After Samsung and Huawei announced their foldable smartphones, the tech industry reportedly wondered if the Lenovo-owned brand has plans to enter the market as well. Earlier this year, sources confirmed the manufacturer was working on a new Motorola Razr, which is a tribute to its most iconic product from 2004. A few months ago, insiders began hinting that it will be launching soon. Now, a recent leak finally gives consumers a sneak peek at the device

Given that it will be a new addition to the Razr lineup, consumers already have a rough idea of what it would look like. To preserve the aesthetics of the original, analysts believe it should follow the familiar form factor, which will appeal to nostalgic buyers. Motorola likewise generated even more publicity by including an animated invite to the launch event on Wednesday, November 13. The included teaser shows the old design being torn off to reveal the new model inside.

Meanwhile, the text reads "An original unlike any other," which seems to be a brilliant slogan that reminds people about the old-school roots of the device and where it drew inspiration from. CNet points out that the November launch event for the new Motorola Razr will also feature performers and surprise guests.

Judging by the images, the smartphone is packing a flexible display akin to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. Moreover, instead of transforming into a tablet form like the aforementioned two, it will flip open into an elongated screen, which gives it an odd aspect ratio.

The upper section holds an external display, which may or may not be a touchscreen as well as the main camera. Additionally, this setup allows it to function as a viewfinder for taking selfies. The bottom half features a prominent chin, which includes what looks like a fingerprint sensor.

The upcoming Motorola Razr appears to have a notch to probably house the earpiece and front-facing camera. Finally, the power and volume rockers buttons can be spotted on the right side of the frame. Unless a new set of leaks come with specifications, interested consumers will have to wait for the official event to learn more.

Motorola RAZR V3i mobile phone
Is the slim Motorola Razr 'clamshell' coming back? Wikimedia Commons / OptoScalpel