It's the only cookery show on television bursting with sass; it's Simply Nigella, of course. Sit back and relax, and let the culinary ace flaunt her domestic goddess ways and make you feel like a scruffy nomad in your own home.

Following a string of personal hiccups from her 2014 high-profile divorce to Charles Saatchi and drugs scandal, it's as if nobody recognised her small-screen absence as any different from a time when the the celebrity chef regularly lit up midweek telly.

Ms Lawson will treat us to a pared-down approach to cuisine in the BBC2 series – revealing that the way in which people prepare and cook food can make them feel more alive.

The cook conjures up a sumptuous but simple avocado on German spelt toast and radish dish for breakfast, a Thai noodle dish with cinnamon and prawns and a relaxed family supper of seeded lamb ribs served with a feta and avocado salad. She will also serve up warm spiced cauliflower and a 'chicksalad' along with a sweet treat – an apricot almond cake. Yum, yum, yum.

She divulges how her new laid-back approach to food fits with her "new kitchen and where I am in my life right now," as we follow her through a few quirky London streets to her favourite bijou grocery store. Move over Bake Off, we could watch Nigella any day of the week.

Simply Nigella airs tonight (6 October) on BBC2 at 7pm.