Mozilla has officially released the Firefox 30, and the web browser is now available for download. Mozilla's Firefox 30 is available to users on Android, Windows, Linux and Mac.

Users can check out the official website of Firefox and Google Play to download the web browser.

Mozilla's Firefox 30 features minor improvements, and the company has also incorporated certain new features. Various known issues and bugs have also been fixed in the latest Firefox instalment.

What's New?

The desktop version of Mozilla Firefox now provides faster access to the social, history and bookmark sidebars via the new sidebars button.

For Linux users, there is the GStreamer 1.0 (an open source multimedia framework) support with which files in various multimedia formats can be accessed through the browser. The formats supported by GStreamer 1.0 include H2.64 video, along with the AAC and MP3 audio formats.

Originally, GStreamer comprises of a library that contains various multimedia tools. These tools provide support for multimedia applications ranging from Ogg/Vorbis playback to more complex A/V processing.

Mac users get the command-E sets support that helps in finding text on a Mac. Users can also start new searches based on the text found via command-E.

With Firefox 30, Android users get a new Quickshare button and support to new languages which are: Malay, Mexican Spanish, Belarusian, Indonesian and Latvian. The web browser also lets Android users to add web content to home page panels using Home Feeds Add-On.

Mozilla Firefox 30 users on Android should also notice a comparatively faster loading of web pages, due to various performance enhancements that Mozilla claims to have incorporated within its latest web browser.

Apart from enhancements to desktop and Android versions, Mozilla has made certain changes in the developer version of Firefox 30 as well. These changes can be viewed here.

In summary, Mozilla's Firefox 30 does not incorporate major changes (especially in the desktop version). The web browser does not incorporate major revamps like its predecessor the Mozilla 29 that came with a new design and the Firefox Sync service among other updates.