Following up on his previous "leak," suggesting Apple would unveil a tweaked version of its iPhone 4 at its 4 October media event, 9to5Mac's Mr. X has released another slew of leaked data, suggesting there will be three different versions of the fabled iPhone 4S.

Mr. X reported that the new smartphone would be available in three versions. The news has since been interpreted by certain news outlets to indicate Apple plans to release 6GB, 32GB and 64GB versions of the device. Others have been more conservative, guessing that the device will be available in the 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB versions.

The news follows another leak from Mr. X on Thursday. Reported by 9to5Mac, the site alleged that Mr. X had uncovered information confirming Apple had added a number of new entries for revised iPhone 4 and iPod touch devices to its internal inventory database.

9to5Mac reported that Apple had updated its inventory list to include two new codes very similar to the company's current iPhone 4. It went on to argue that the new codes suggested Apple was set to unveil a new low-end version of its iPhone 4 -- commonly referred to by the world's media as the iPhone 4S.

The news follows the ongoing game of Chinese whispers being played by the world's media regarding Apple's 4 October media event. The event was revealed Tuesday, when a number of media sites leaked images of the invitation. Holding the tag-line "lets talk iPhone," the invite sparked fresh speculation whether Apple would unveil a truly next generation iPhone 5 device, or an updated version of its current iPhone 4.

To date Apple has not released any official information regarding its next entry into the iPhone series.