A 34-year-old mum of two from Moscow, Russia took her children to their deaths after she jumped from a 190-foot building allegedly because of problems with her mental health.

The Russian Investigative Committee has launched a murder investigation following the death of Olga Zharkova and her two sons, aged three years old and one month. Investigators say she had left a note saying that she did not want to leave her children in this "hard, gloomy world" so she was taking them with her. She then held them in her arms as they fell from the 19th floor in one of the common high-rise apartment buildings in the city.

It is said that Zharkova, the wife of a Russian military officer, was not right in the head when she decided to jump from the building with her sons. She reportedly suffered from acute postnatal depression, a problem some women face after giving birth, and that she had opened up about her mental state with friends.

A law enforcement officer told Russian news site Komsomolskaya Pravda that she had complained about feeling "lonely and tired." Her husband, 35-year-old Dmitry, was reportedly often away on long periods because of his military duties and she had to tend to the children by herself.

According to The Sun, investigators will conduct a "postmortem psychiatric analysis" on the tragic mum to determine if she really was going through some mental health problems prior to her death. Meanwhile, the husband has reportedly been treated for shock when he arrived at the scene.

Details about the tragic incident remain scant. There is no mention of where exactly in Moscow it happened. But a photo of the said building from where Zharkova jumped with her sons showed no one could have survived the fall.

It is also not known if Dmitry came home to discover that his wife and two sons have died on the spot, and if he made the call about the incident to the police. There is also no mention if he is being questioned for the investigation. He has yet to file his statement with the police.

Crime scene tape
A representational image of a crime scene. (Pixabay)