Police arrested a 22-year-old Arizona resident for the suspected murder of her three children. The mother with a history of drug abuse admitted to the murders. She described to the police how she slowly and methodically smothered her three children one by one. Other family members were present in the house when two of the children were being killed.

On January 20, police and firefighters were called to the home in Arizona when the three children were found unresponsive. Their mother, Rachel Henry, claimed that the children were napping on the living room couch. The family discovered that the children thought to be napping were in fact, dead.

Police arrested Henry as a murder suspect. Eventually, Henry admitted that she had killed her three children. She narrated how she killed her children one by one though she did not tell the police why she had done so.

Mother kills son
A 22-year-old woman smothered her three children aged 7-months, 1, and 3, to death one by one. Getty Images

Henry's first victim was her one-year-old daughter. She revealed that she was playing with the toddler initially. While playing, the woman was on top of the child with her weight bearing down on her. The mother realised that the child was having difficulty breathing. Instead of getting up she placed her hand over her mouth. Her three-year-old tried to stop her but she held the girl until she stopped breathing.

Henry then chased her terrified son around the house. However, she was stopped when family members returned home. The family members were playing with the boy so Henry used the pretext of changing the boy's underwear to continue her attack. She took the boy into a bedroom alone, changed his underpants, and smothered him to death.

AZ Family reported that the boy pinched and scratched his mother in an attempt to save himself. The crazed woman straddled the boy on the floor with her legs and smothered him while singing.

Finally, Henry targeted her youngest seven-month-old daughter. She gave the child a bottle until she fell asleep. Once the child was asleep, the sadistic woman smothered her while singing a song.

The reason behind the murders remains unknown. Henry has a history of drug abuse, due to which her children had been taken away from her before. Henry has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.