Daood Ibrahim
Daood Ibrahim allegedly blackmailed the woman for money and sex.

A Muslim woman was blackmailed into performing sexual acts and handing over her life savings by an out of work engineer who threatened to publish lingerie photos of her and publicly disgrace her.

Daood Hussain, 28, of Bordesley, Birmingham, allegedly forced his victim to meet him for regular sex sessions and threatened that he would print X-rated pictures advertising her as a prostitute, if she did not comply.

He allegedly showed her a leaflet he had made, which included pictures of her wearing lingerie, along with her phone number, address and a caption at the bottom describing her as a prostitute.

Paul Jarvis for the prosecution said: "This case is all about financial and sexual exploitation by this man. She was fearful of what he would do if she did not comply with his requests.

"Her family would have been horrified to find she was allowing pictures to be taken in that way. She simply couldn't bear to face the consequences that would follow if her family saw the document."

In an interview with police, the woman said she had agreed to meet Hussain ten times before Ramadan in June and July 2012, in his car and at various hotels around Birmingham.

She claimed she gave him her £10,000 life savings in a bid to stop him revealing the pictures, however, each time, he demanded she performed a sex act on him or he would show the photos to her family. "I begged him not to do anything and told him about the situation at home.

"My mum had been in hospital. I told him he wouldn't achieve anything but... he wasn't listening to anything I said. He made up his mind that's what he was going to do and that's what he did.

"I tried so hard not to cry in front of him, so he wouldn't know he was getting to me. I'm in shock, devastated."

The alleged victim eventually complained to police and Hussain was arrested and his mobile phone and laptops were seized.

Officers found £2,700 cash from the woman's bank account in his room and the document he made, saved on his computer.

Farah Ramzan, defending, said the woman had consented to sex and had paid for some of the hotel rooms where the pair had met.

The unemployed electrical engineer has denied 12 charges of rape and one of blackmail.

The trial continues.