My Husband's not Gay: TLC's upcoming reality show's aproach towards same-sex relationship attracts negative criticisms
A still from the promo of TLC's upcoming reality show My Husband's not Gay/TLC

My Husband's Not Gay, a TLC reality show will air the lives of four men who openly discuss their feelings for other men, but lead happily married heterosexual lives, tonight.

The special documentary will focus on four Mormon men who talks openly about their same sex attractions, while they are married to women, and don't consider themselves gay.

One of the four men says, "I'm attracted to my wife, for sure, and I'm definitely attracted to men, too."

Another person reveals that with faith in God he will "overcome the situation".

"There's no marriage that's perfect. But with our faith in God we believe we can overcome anything," he says in the TLC promo video.

My Husband's Not Gay airs on 11 January on TLC network.

Click here to watch the show online.

Meanwhile, the show has triggered a massive controversy as LGBT communities have come forward to file a petition to cancel the show tagging it as anti-gay.

Below are some tweets condemning the show.