The CW's latest television series "Nancy Drew" returns this Wednesday with season 1 spring finale and it is expected to explore the mystery of Owen's death. Here is everything we know so far about episode 18.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "Nancy Drew" episode 18. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The penultimate episode features some big revelations. Nancy and her gang learned more Aglaeca and that she was once a human who was wrongfully executed. Meanwhile, Nancy and Ryan have an ultimate showdown wherein Nancy confesses she doesn't see him as her father and does not want him to be one. The show ended with another murder, this time it was one of Nancy's best ally, Owen. He is discovered murdered in a bathtub.

When the show returns this week for the final chapter of the season, it is expected to pick up from where it left off last week. The finale is titled "The Clue in the Captain's Painting" and it will see the Drew Crew come together for investigation of a new murder mystery. As they delve deeper, they will be able to unravel new details about Aglaeca, the supernatural force that continues to terrify the group and the town.

The promo teases more details about the Aglaeca, who is clearly not a "common street ghost." And if they don't pay her toll, she collects it on her own with a heavy price to pay. The promo teases that the wrath of Aglaeca begins to unleash.

Meanwhile, fans can expect to see some of the storylines come to an end in the spring finale.

Speaking with EW, "Nancy Drew" star Riley Smith, who plays the role of Ryan promises conclusive finale and beginning of new adventures.

"We're concluding some things we've spent all season searching for, but there are some new things brought into the mix that is going to continue on for the remainder of this season and into the next season. We're tying up loose ends and starting new adventures," Smith said.

Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew
Kennedy McMann as Nancy Drew in The CW series Photo: Nancy Drew/Twitter

"Nancy Drew" episode 18 airs Wednesday on The CW.