House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has hit out at House Speaker Paul Ryan over the GOP's new healthcare plan.

Pelosi, along with many Democrats, argued the Republicans should not be pushing for committee votes on the new healthcare plan before the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has had an opportunity to review the plans.

The CBO would not have time to share its opinion of what the plan would cost ahead of the votes – something Pelosi said showed Republicans were "afraid of the facts".

"Republicans are racing this bill forward before the CBO can truly expose the ... catastrophic consequences of their health bill," Pelosi said, in comments reported by The Hill.

She added the Democrats did not take the same approach when attempting to introduce the Affordable Care Act that became known as Obamacare.

Nancy Pelosi
US House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Pelosi said: "We never had a markup, or a floor vote, without a CBO score to show what ... the impact of the bill would be.

"He [Ryan] was asking, appropriately, for things that we had asked for, too, from the CBO. And now, as Speaker of the House, he's saying, 'What do we need a CBO report for? We can just go mark it up,'" Pelosi added.

"They don't want the American people to see the facts. They're always afraid of the facts. It's just a remarkable thing."

To highlight her point, Pelosi has shared a letter from the GOP released in 2009 that stated the CBO should have the opportunity to analyse the impact of Obamacare – guidance they do not appear to be following in the push for Trumpcare.