Artist's concept depicting a Viking lander on the surface of Mars. NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

In a recent development that could easily be part of a Men in Black movie, a woman claiming to be a former Nasa employee revealed that she saw humans on Mars in 1979.

According to a Yahoo News report, the woman, called 'Jackie', called in to American radio station Coast to Coast AM with the claim – which reignited gossip over a 'secret space programme' kept from the general public.

Jackie claims to have seen space-suited humans via a live video feed from Mars - but apparently, the information was covered up by Nasa bosses.

Jackie claimed to have been part of a 'downstairs' team working on downlink telemetry from the Viking Lander - the first vehicle to send back images from the surface of Mars.

"I wonder if you could solve a 27-year-old mystery for me," she asked the presenter. "That old Viking rover was running around. Then I saw two men in space suits – not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer."

As per Jackie, she along with six others rushed to the main Nasa office to report what they had witnessed, only to have the door shut in their faces.

"We ran upstairs – but they locked the door, and taped paper over the door so we couldn't see. My question is – were they our guys?"

None of the other employees who were allegedly with Jackie when she spotted the aliens have corroborated this story – but UFO sites have joined it with other reports of a 'secret space programme' which began when humans landed on Mars in 1968.

"Conspiracy theorists believe that this is being kept from the ordinary public for various sinister reasons - and that NASA and other governments are covertly in contact with aliens," states the Yahoo report.

"In November 2005, a contact called 'anonymous', who said they worked for the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) started sending information about an extraordinary alien exchange programme, called Project Serpo. Basing his claims on a 3,000-page document written in the late 1970s, he boldly claimed that six aliens were recovered from the Roswell crash.

"Claims that aliens living and/or dead were recovered from the Roswell crash are nothing new, but in this case it was stated that an alien survivor from the crash, called EBE 1, helped to organise twelve specially trained people to visit his home planet Serpo in the Zeta Reticuli solar system. This mission occurred in 1965 and they remained there until 1978. During their stay two of them died, two remained on the planet and the rest, after returning to Earth, have died because of the high levels of radiation they were exposed to on Serpo."