Nathaniel Kerr
Nathaniel Kerr committed the horror tackle just two minutes into the first game of the season GMP

A Manchester Sunday league footballer has been jailed for purposely breaking an opponent's leg following a "horror" tackle, which amounted to a serious assault. Nathaniel Kerr, 27, has been jailed for one year after admitting purposely attempting to harm Stuart Parsons by stamping down on his outstretched leg following a "long jump" motion just two minutes into the match between amateur sides AFC Gold Cup and Emigration FC.

Kerr, who previously played league football for Rotherham, became irate after his 30-year-old victim got involved in a verbal argument with one of his AFC Gold Cup team mates in the early stages of a Sunday league match in Hazel Grove, south Manchester, on 31 August 2104.

Moments later, Parsons passed the ball some distance away from Kerr, who then proceeded to run towards him and lunge at him two-footed, stamping on his leg. As Parsons lay on the floor in agony, Kerr shouted him and called him a "soft c**t" before turning to his team mate to tell him: "I've done this 'cos of you."

Parsons fractured his leg in several places and was underwent several weeks of extensive reconstructive surgery following the attack. The injury meant the self-employed window cleaner was unable to work for months and will never be able to play football competitively again.

Kerr pleaded guilty to Section 20 assault at Minshull Street Crown Court and was jailed for one year. Upon sentencing, Judge Stuart Driver told Kerr: "We are talking about an assault where one man flew through the air and stamped both of his feet on another man's leg intentionally, albeit in the heat of the moment when a great deal of harm was caused.

"I have taken into account that this isn't the kind of case this court normally deals with. You hadn't been drinking and it wasn't late at night. But it was in a fast-moving situation and you did something which when you realised the consequences, you regretted.

Greater Manchester Police added: "Constable Louise Spencer said: "This injury has had a catastrophic effect on the victim's life, meaning he has been unable to work or support his young family.

"He is self-employed and the injury meant he was forced to rely on the kindness of his teammates, who arranged fundraisers and charity events to provide the financial support he needed.

"All the while Kerr has shown absolutely no remorse for his vicious attack, calling the victim a 'wimp' and verbally abusing him as he was lying in agony on the pitch.

"The subsequent investigation and conviction into this assault demonstrates that this kind of aggression and thuggery during sporting fixtures will not be tolerated by Greater Manchester Police."