NCIS LA season 8
The action drama will premiere on 2 October at 8 pm ET on CBS. CBS

CBS has announced the premiere date for NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 and fans will have to wait for some time to watch their favourite action drama on a new day and time. The show will premiere on 2 October at 8pm ET on CBS.

According to executive producer John Peter Kousakis, season 8 will be worth the wait. On his Twitter account, the EP wrote, "By now you all know, #ncisla S8 premier date. It will be a sensational season!"

Kousakis is quite active on social media and has often shared information about the show. In early June he provide updates on the production of the show. "Now down to real important #ncisla business! Prod.ofc. opens in one week. S8 Production begins in one month! Looking forward 2 Gr8tness," he shared.

There were concerns after Shane Brennan left NCIS as showrunner, but after some promising words from Kousakis, fans could well expect a good storyline going ahead.

Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Deeks had previously spoken about Kensi and his character's relationship. "This character shot his dad; his dad was wielding a shotgun and was abusive to his mother. This character killed a cop in defense of a girl. This character obviously has issues of violence solving violence, especially when it comes to women that he cares about," the actor had said during the MCM London Comic Con, via Christian Today.

"The way that I play that is that's the moment that he becomes his father – because his father was that abusive to his mother – and he realizes that's who he's become. So it's more about his own fear of becoming the monster that he hates the most," Olsen explained.

However, executive producer Scott Gemmill had teased that the couple would take their relationship a step further.

"We will not see, I don't think, a proper proposal until next season, because we have an idea for how to do that that I want to play out. I already know how we're going to do it. It's just, the fans have waited long enough that we want it to be worth the wait," Gemmill said.