Bethesda Softworks has released a new gory trailer for the latest addition to its popular FPS series, Doom, showing off how gamers can customise the single-player experience to suit their individual play style and strategies. Released on 11 May, the new developer diary features plenty of blood-soaked gameplay footage and highlights how customisation might be the way to go when tackling hordes of diverse demons and monsters of hell.

"When you play Doom it just feels different," executive producer Marty Stratton said. "It's exciting. It creates that feel that is unique to us and, you know, that's why we do this. To create experiences that are unique and are something that is distinctly ours."

According to the game's developers at id Software, players can upgrade every firearm in the game's varied arsenal with numerous features to get more speed, firepower and mobility. For example, a player can turn the up-close-and-personal shotgun into a mid-range weapon with an alternate fire mode that works from a distance.

Creative director Hugo Martin said that the team created each distinct weapon with its own style to inspire players to keep playing and fill up their arsenal. Long-time fans of the franchise will recognise a few familiar weapons as well including the Plasma Rifle, BFG 9000 and the Rocket Launcher.

"Each of those characters is kind of like a chess piece," said Martin. "So, once the chess board is full in the later levels and your arsenal is full, then you can kind of pick and choose and tailor your experience to your certain play style with just the weapons alone."

When facing off a Mancubus, for instance, you probably should opt for a heavier weapon like a chaingun, Rocket Launcher or Gauss canon, Martin said. Besides weapons, the game also features runes, research projects and progression systems that allow you to customise your character and game play.

"We kind of have this whole upgrade system that allows you to play in a lot of different ways and use your own strategy in how you approach the different arenas, and even tweak that as you go through the game," said Stratton.

Martin, however, prefers to focus on the game's speed to tailor his experience. "I like to tailor my experience to speed — make it so I can glory-kill faster, I can mantle faster, I can switch mods faster; I can do all these things just a little bit faster. And once you stack these things on top of each other, the game just plays even faster than it already does, which, out the box it's pretty fast," he Martin.

Doom releases on 13 May on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.