BioWare has released a new video offering more details about Asari squadmate Peebee in upcoming space-faring epic Mass Effect: Andromeda. The developer has released a detailed art and cosplay guide for Peebee and a brief character profile.

While other Asari can be cold, calculative and distant, Peebee is impulsive, quirky and very different from the rest of her squadmates, says Christine Lakin, the voice actress for Peebee.

"She's completely goofy," Lakin says in the video. "Sometimes the joke totally lands and sometimes it really doesn't."

She adds that this is the first time Peebee has allowed herself to open up and even fall in love.

"By the end, we see that she's become part of their little family," Lakin said. "Everybody sort of has an eye roll in the beginning, but then they grow to love her."

According to her character profile, Pelessaria B'Sayle (her real name) "walks to her own daredevil drumbeat and has an unrivalled thirst for adventure" who "would have done anything to join the Initiative".

"I think Peebee's humor will resonate with people for sure," Lakin said. "I think some of the off-handed funny things she says will definitely be a hit. She's just pure joy, so how could you not love that."

The video (embedded below) also showed off some stunning sweeping vistas and the diverse worlds players can expect to explore and experience in the new galaxy.

Creative director Mac Walters previously said that although Peebee is an Asari, she is more of a free-spirit and very different from the more serious Liara.

"Peebee will buck the norm at any given time," Walters told Game Informer. "She's not about rules or culture or anything like that. She's not about teams or teamwork. Her role in this is helping you find out more about this alien technology."

In January, BioWare released a new cinematic trailer that featured some of the sci-fi RPG's new squadmates, fiery combat, a new alien species and the main antagonist Archon.

"Working on Mass Effect: Andromeda has been an incredible experience," Lakin said. "The game is so beautiful. It's these worlds like you've never seen before. Watching it just blossom into this huge game has been such a thrill."

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release on 21 March in the US and 23 March in Europe for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.