Newly released texts that Meghan Markle had sent to an aide have revealed that she was frustrated with the pressure the Royal Family was putting on her and her husband, Prince Harry, over her issues with her father Thomas Markle.

Jason Knauf, the former communications secretary to the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, submitted his private texts and emails with the couple to the court of appeal in her privacy case over the publication of a letter she had sent to her father. One of these messages saw Meghan, saved under the name Tilly, complaining that members of the Royal Family were constantly "berating" Harry because she couldn't stop her estranged father from interacting with the media, reports Mail Online.

"The catalyst for my doing this is seeing how much pain this is causing H. Even after a week with his dad and endlessly explaining the situation, his family seem to forget the context - and revert to 'can't she just go and see him and make this stop?'," she told Knauf.

The former actress added that she is sending the carefully drafted handwritten letter to her father with the hope that at least the royals would understand she did everything in her capacity to stop him.

"They fundamentally don't understand so at least by writing H will be able to say to his family 'she wrote him a letter and he's still doing it. By taking this form of action I protect my husband from this constant berating and while unlikely perhaps it will give my father a moment to pause," She told Knauf.

She had previously told the Court of Appeal that the main purpose of the letter "was to encourage (her) father to stop talking to the press" after public criticism and a "media onslaught" surrounding Mr. Markle. She wrote, "It was only when my father began criticizing the royal family...that senior members of the family and their advisers expressed their concern over the public attacks, and expressed their desire to have them stopped."

Knauf's revelations have led Meghan to admit that she always suspected her father could leak the letter, but she insists that she never wanted him to do it.

Pricne Harry and Meghan Markle
Pricne Harry and Meghan Markle Roy Rochlin/Getty Images