New Year 2015
Downtown Dubai 2015 New Year's Eve Gala on the world's tallest building - The Burj Khalifa DowntownDubai/YouTube

This New Year's Eve, Dubai is all set to live stream its impressive fireworks display worldwide via YouTube, to ring in the New Year.

The festive display will take place in Downtown Dubai on the world's tallest skyscraper - the Burj Khalifa.

Downtown Dubai 2015 New Year's Eve Gala is set to be the grandest yet with a breath-taking six-part firework, laser and light show, while the LED screen wrapped around Burj Khalifa is billed to create one of the world's brightest illuminations to date, reports Khaleej Times.

It remains to be seen if the organisers are able to top last year's extravaganza, which "smashed the Guinness World Record for largest-ever fireworks display with nearly 500,000 shells fired in just six minutes," according to ForbesLife.

Click here to watch Downtown Dubai 2015 New Year's Eve Gala live stream online.

Viewers can also choose from four different camera angles to watch the event live.

Here's a teaser for the 2015 Downtown Dubai New Year's Gala:

The organisers are also inviting users to create their own fireworks display using an interactive feature on their YouTube account.

"The platform allows users to select a background – with options from the Burj Khalifa view, the Downtown Dubai view and dusk at Downtown Dubai to choose from. You are then able to 'drag and drop' your desired fireworks effects, offering a selection of fireworks from 'sparkle' 'crossette' 'willow' and 'chrysanthemum' – before customising your masterpiece with bespoke text," states a Buro 24/7 report.