The 2019-20 Premier League season has just concluded and clubs are already preparing for the start of the upcoming season. According to Chelsea manager Frank Lampard, it is too soon for the league to start its 2020-21 season. He claimed that his side has a congested schedule coming their way.

The next season of the Premier League starts on September 12. The start date was confirmed last month. Meanwhile, Chelsea still has to play the second leg of their UEFA Champions League round-of-16 clash against Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena next week. If they make it through, Lampard believes that his side won't get enough time to recover and prepare ahead of their next league campaign.

The Blues are trailing 0-3 behind Bayern after their loss in the first leg at Stamford Bridge. They will need to win their second leg by at least 4 goals to secure a last-eight qualification. However, that doesn't seem likely as Bayern is ahead of the Premier League side both in terms of form and team strength.

Even if Chelsea couldn't secure a last-eight spot, they will have only 35 days before the 2020-21 season commences. That's what Lampard is worrying about.

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard AFP / Ben STANSALL

The 42-year old said that "players need to be given a break to play at the level and quality the Premier League is. I would like to think the Premier League would look seriously at that. Hopefully, they give us a fair start next season. Even in a worst-case scenario - we don't go through against Bayern - the 12th feels too early for me for the players to start playing again."

BBC reports that when the English Premier League clubs agreed to the new starting date of the last season which was halted because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, it was decided that a break of at least 30 days would be given for Chelsea and all other teams who have games remaining in the European competitions.

Apart from Chelsea, Manchester City are also playing in the Champions League. The final is scheduled for August 23 in Lisbon.

On the other hand, Manchester United and Wolves are still competing in the UEFA Europa League. The final of this particular tournament will be played on August 21. Therefore, it is clear that many top sides will begin their upcoming season without much rest for the players.