Purchased an AT&T Google Nexus 6 in US: New Motorola Firmware Bug Leads to Smartphone Recall and Replacements
Nexus 6 pre-order to start on 18 November. Google

The pre-orders for Google's new Nexus smartphone manufactured by Motorola are expected to start in the middle of this month for UK users.

While Nexus 6 is available for pre-order via Google Play Store in the US starting at $649 for the 32GB version and $699 for the 64GB, there is no official word as to when the device will be up for pre-order in the UK Play Store.

A number of renowned retailers in the country such as Carphone warehouse, Clove, Unlocked Mobiles and Handtec have already started confirming that they will stock the Nexus 6 when it is released, but have not revealed either the retail price or the date of availability.

Meanwhile, Mobiles.co.uk has mentioned in the product page that the Nexus 6 pre-order will start on 18<sup>th of this month. The retailer has requested prospective buyers to pre-register for the Motorola Nexus 6 to receive pre-order pay monthly prices.

As for the availability, the retailer has noted the UK release date as 1<sup>st December.

The pre-order will start at £28 per-month on O2 with unlimited calling, texts and 1GB LTE data, adds Android Central. Buyers will get to choose from a variety of deals coming from other carrier networks as Mobiles.co.uk offers plans from different carriers.

Head over to the Mobiles.co.uk site to know more about the Nexus 6, which comes pre-loaded with Android 5.0 Lollipop, pre-order information.