Neymar was unable to escape the wrath of Paris Saint Germain fans despite being left out of the squad on Sunday's match against Nimes. Large sections of the home crowd could be heard shouting expletives while holding out banners and signs with offensive messages for the Brazilian star.

According to, "Get out!" and "Son of a b****" could be heard all over the Parc des Princes. The fans released their aggression even though PSG manager Thomas Tuchel kept Neymar out of the game.

After weeks of transfer speculations, Neymar's fate is still unconfirmed. It has been widely reported that his former club, FC Barcelona, is poised to buy him back from PSG. In recent weeks, Barcelona's rival, Real Madrid, has also been linked to a blockbuster move.

Neymar has only spent two seasons with PSG. Sadly, his stint at the club has been disrupted by injuries and PSG fans are not afraid to let the Brazilian know how disappointed they are. Neymar was acquired by the French champions in an attempt to bolster their chances of bringing home a UEFA Champions League trophy.

Neymar is unlikely to be fit for the Champions League visit of Real Madrid. Getty

The team spent a record-breaking €222 million (£198 million) transfer fee to acquire the Brazilian's services back in August of 2017. Two years later, PSG is still empty-handed. The last two UEFA Champions League trophies were won by Real Madrid and Liverpool. It appears that PSG's patience has run out and they have been entertaining offers for the Brazilian.

Despite all the speculations, Tuchel believes that Neymar is an asset to the team, one that he does not want to lose. "He is with us. He was very decisive for us. If we lose Neymar, maybe I will not sleep. Because it would be hard to lose him and find another player who can do the same things for us. Maybe no news is good news," he said.

Over the weekend, fans around the world anticipated a big announcement about Neymar's future. However, nothing was announced and everyone is left to wait with bated breath. Tuchel admits that he needs to start thinking about a future without Neymar, even if he is doing what he can to keep one of his biggest stars.

"I'm trying to convince him to stay. But on the other hand, it's a personal choice. It's between him and the club," concluded Tuchel.