Nick Cannon is setting the record straight about his feud with Eminem ten years after it blew up. The TV show host explains why he taunted the rapper after the latter dissed his then-wife Mariah Carey in one of his songs.

The "America's Got Talent" host revealed that he was upset at Eminem because he said hurtful words about his wife. He and Carey happened to hear the track while they were "flying back on a jet from Africa."

"...This motherf— drops a song, like talking s—, calling her all kind of b—s and h—s. I'm like, 'This my wife! This is my new wife!'" Cannon explained on Tip T.I. Harris' "ExpediTIously" podcast.

The "Drumline" star was so mad and he took out his anger at Eminem on his blog. He called the rapper for a "man to man" encounter so he can be held responsible for what he said. He also called Eminem "Slim Lamey" and said the rapper is still obsessed with Carey, because he did not get a chance to get to second base with her when they were together.

Cannon also issued a challenge and asked Eminem to settle their feud like adults and gave the rapper the honour to choose the time and place for their meet-up. The 38-year-old actor said a lot of angry words at Eminem then, but he eventually took down his post when it gained online traction.

Talking about his post, Cannon told T.I. that at the time, he was ready for whatever would happen between him and Eminem. He wanted to show Carey that he was being a man by defending her. Cannon was also triggered when the rapper mentioned his name on the diss track called "Bagpipes From Baghdad."

"Mariah whatever happened to us,. Why did we ever have to break-up? Nick Cannon, you better back the f— up. I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk ... I wish you luck with that ... w—," Eminem rapped.

Cannon said that all he wanted then was for Eminem to be accountable for what he said. He wanted to take their conversation like men and meet face-to-face.

Eventually, cool heads prevailed and Eminem has since apologised to Cannon. They even laugh about their feud now. Cannon told T.I that he does not want to fight anymore and revealed that Eminem is still in his top five.

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