The bitter feud between rappers Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma has gripped rap fans and given Drake and Meek Mill a run for their money.

It all erupted on 25 February when Remy Ma released the scathing diss track, Shether, clearly aimed at her long-time rap rival. For the first time since her pre-fame years, Minaj too referenced her beef with Remy via guestspots on, not one but, two 2017 tracks – Gucci Mane's Make Love and Jason Derulo's Swalla.

Tension between the pair has been bubbling under for years so just where did the fierce rivalry begin? IBTimes UK takes a look back at how Young Money collided with Terror Squad.


Minaj, 34, arguably started the feud with her Dirty Money freestyle, which features the lyricist rapping over Terror Squad's song Yeah Yeah Yeah. One line includes: "Tell that b***h with the crown to run it like Chris Brown." Many perceived this to be intended for Remy Ma, given that the rapper is a member of Terror Squad. Soon after, at a party to celebrate the release of Minaj's Playtime Is Over mixtape, Remy Ma confronted the Starships rapper about the track.


Rumours circulated that Remy Ma and Minaj were actually former lovers. A photo of Remy Ma, 36, with a woman reportedly resembling Minaj is said to have fuelled the speculation but neither party confirmed the claims.

In March 2008, Remy Ma was convicted of illegal weapon possession and began a six-year prison sentence at Bedford Correctional Facility, New York. The spat subsided while Remy Ma was incarcerated but she did confront Minaj about the Dirty Money freestyle. In an interview from prison, Remy Ma spoke of the 2007 confrontation: "That's what you do in rap and I'm cool with that... She's not stopping me from being who I am."

Watch Remy Ma's prison interview about Nicki Minaj:

June 2016

Remy Ma was released from prison in 2014 and two years later, reached out to Minaj on Twitter. The All The Way Up rapper tweeted: "Congrats to @NICKIMINAJ for your BET female rapper of the year 2016 award."


After years of silence, Minaj finally addressed the rap beef on two guest verses. The Anaconda star raps on Gucci Mane's Make Love: "Your career gonna be with Anna Nicole," and, "Oh, you the queen of this here? One platinum plaque, album flopped, b***h, where?" Minaj also raps on Jason Derulo's Swalla: "I gave these b****s two years, now your time's up/ Bless her heart, she throwing shots but every line sucks."

Remy Ma's response to Minaj's subliminal jabs could not be any clearer. On Shether, the title of which plays on Nas' iconic Jay Z diss track Ether, a voiceover bellows: "F**k Nicki Minaj!" She also raps: "And I saw Meek at All-Star, he told me your a*s dropped... Now I don't think y'all understand how bad her a*s got/ The implants that she had put in her a*s popped."

Minaj not-so-subtly responded by posting an Instagram photo showing sales of Remy Ma and Fat Joe's single Plato O Pomo before deleting the post.

Listen to Remy Ma's Shether: