Nigel Farage has attempted to deny that he ever called for a second EU referendum.

He also revealed that he "doesn't know" what feminism means.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain alongside the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, he spoke to Piers Morgan about the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

He raised eyebrows when he told Morgan that he had never suggested a second referendum.

When told by Morgan that he "wanted one", Farage said: "[I] never said that, talk about fake news. I never said anything of the kind."

But on 11 January, Farage told Channel 5's Wright Stuff: "What is for certain is that the [Nick] Cleggs, the [Tony] Blairs, the [Labour peer Lord] Adonises will never, ever give up. They will go on whingeing and whining and moaning all the way through this process.

"So maybe, just maybe, we should have a second referendum on EU membership... If we had a second referendum we'd kill it off for a generation as the percentage of the vote to leave next time will be very much bigger than it was last time."

But on his Good Morning Britain appearance, he denied ever making any such statements.

He eventually admitted that the UK "may have to have" another referendum, which leavers would have to "win big" in order to conclude the argument over the EU once and for all.

Brexit talks are set to enter their second phase this week in Brussels but a divided Conservative party in Westminster has raised concerns again over Theresa May's future.

On the topic of feminism, the former Ukip leader was asked whether he identified as a feminist. He replied: "I don't know what it means, how can I be?"

Pointing to Morgan's co-presenter, Susanna Reid, Farage said: "You can be a feminist but I can't."

He added: "Everybody should be equal, live in a fair society."