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A 14-year-old child bride is accused of poisoning four people to death Reuters

A 14-year-old Nigerian girl faces a possible death sentenced if she is convicted of poisoning to death four people, including her 35-year-old husband.

Wasila Tasi'u is accused of adding rat poison to to food she was preparing as part of post-wedding celebrations.

The prosecution in the case states said she was motivated by regret over her marriage to husband, Umar Sani.

A witness said she gave the defendant 80 naira (£0.89) to buy rat poison from a local shop.

"She said rats were disturbing her in her room," said the witness.

A shopkeeper in the town of Unguwar Yansoro confirmed selling the poison to the girl.

A neighbour who also ate some of the food allegedly poisoned by Tasi'u, said he saw Sani looking "visibly ill" after consuming the meal.

"When he brought the food I noticed some sandy-like particles, black in colour," he told the court.

The neighbour said while he was trying to care for Sani, he learnt that three others who ate the food had died suddenly.

The trial has enraged rights activists who claimed that a girl married to a man 21 years older than her is the one who should be treated as a victim.

The last time Nigeria sentenced a juvenile to death was in 1997, according to Human Rights Watch.

The case continues.