Akolade Arowolo
Akolade Arowolo stabbed his wife at least 76 times Facebook

A Nigerian man has been sentenced to death after he was found guilty of stabbing his banker wife to death.

Akolade Arowolo stabbed Titilayo Arowolo more than 76 times in a brutal attack in June 2011.

The murderer had denied he butchered Mrs Arowolo, claiming his wife had mistakenly killed herself with the knife she wanted to stab him with when they were having an argument.

But an Ikeja High Court, sitting in Lagos State, Nigeria's south-west region, found him guilty and sentenced him to death by hanging.

While delivering her judgment, Justice Lateefa Okunnu concluded that even though there was no eyewitness to the incident, the circumstantial evidence proved the murder charge "beyond all reasonable doubt".

Local reports say Arowolo repeatedly shouted "Jesus Christ, I cannot die" as he was led away by prison guards.

Justice Okunnu relied on evidence given by forensic pathologist Professor John Obafunwa, who said there were at least 76 stab wounds inflicted on Mrs Arowolo. Her body was reportedly found with the knife still wedged into her neck.

Obafunwa testified that the injuries could not have been self-inflicted and must have been caused by a sharp weapon.