DmC: Devil May Cry Reboot
DmC: Devil May Cry Reboot Ninja Theory

It appears die-hard fans of Devil May Cry aren't really amused with Dante's youthful looks in DmC, the upcoming reboot of Devil May Cry.

The developer studio is apparently receiving death threats over the game, according to a recent interview with Tameem Antoniades at Ninja Theory.

"[Enslaved writer] Alex Garland warned me about it because he experienced a similar thing with 28 Days Later where people were upset that it didn't feature real zombies. And now with his upcoming Dredd movie," Antoniades told OXM UK.

Antoniades further revealed that he was shocked to witness the creative ways chosen by the fans to vent their hatred. He had never expected the death threats to take the comic book form or the DmC death metal songs dedicated to the game developers.

Apparently, the developer is very disturbed with the life-threatening situation around him. He said: "I'm very curious about these death threats in comic book form and anti-DMC death metal songs. Ninja Theory should bundle them with a Collector's Edition or something."

DmC: Devil May Cry is the first edition in the series not being developed by the critically acclaimed developer - Capcom. Instead, it will be a Ninja Theory reboot edition casting a younger Dante into the protagonist shoes.

"While he doesn't look the same as he did in the other games, he's still gonna be killing demons and shit so the "controversy" over his appearance is baffling to me," said Antoniades, reiterating his disbelief over unreasonable fan expectations.

Expect Ninja Theory's controversial DmC release any time in 2012.

Watch the cool debut trailer on DmC: Devil May Cry Reboot below: