For the gaming industry, 2020 is largely seen as the year where Sony and Microsoft will go head-to-head once more in the next-generation arena. Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are expected to hit retailers this fall. While the two companies are yet to completely unveil the new consoles to the public, other sources claim Nintendo will be ready to compete with a "Pro" version of the Switch. Despite the ongoing rumours and the manufacturer's denial of its existence, others still insist that one is in development.

Now, an official communication from the Japanese gaming brand confirms that all speculation about an upgraded Switch model releasing in 2020 are unfounded. Nintendo CEO and president Shuntaro Furukawa reportedly informed investors about the company's plans moving forward. He noted that there are currently "no plans" to introduce a new version of the hybrid game system this year, as reported by The Verge.

This seems to line up with a related article wherein a Dutch developer pointed out that the company had no intention to compete against Sony and Microsoft in the next-generation space. was

"switch pro in early 2019!"
"switch pro summer 2019!"
"switch pro by the end of 2019!"
" switch pro is coming in mid 2020!"
" switch pro is coming by the end of 2020!"
No plan for a switch revision this year- Nintendo
" You know...2021 always made more sense to me!"

— TheREALDrtre81 (@Drtre81) January 31, 2020

"According to the conventional wisdom for dedicated video game platforms, Nintendo Switch should be entering the midway phase of the hardware lifecycle," stated Furukawa. But we believe we have built a foundation on which we can pursue further growth opportunities for Nintendo Switch," he added.

So far, since the original model debuted in 2017, popularity did not show signs of slowing down. In fact, the total sales of the device already surpassed that of the Xbox One, which was launched in 2013. However, Furukawa believes that it still needs to market the Switch Lite to expand its user base in 2020.

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— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) January 31, 2020

Meanwhile, those who have been on the fence regarding the Nintendo Switch might have something to look forward to. On Friday, March 13, the company will release the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" edition of the game system. Currently, it is one of the most attractive limited-edition versions of the console that consumers can own just in time before the popular life simulation game comes out on Friday, March 20.

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A Nintendo Switch bearing Funky Kong, Mario in his tennis gear and Marth from the Fire Emblem games. Nintendo