Nintendo has hidden a special message for gamers in the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which was discovered soon after the new console's launch on Friday (3 March) by Reddit user Tropiux.

He discovered and provided evidence that an Easter Egg exists, hidden beneath the thumbstick on the translucent controller. After pulling back the right thumbstick, users can see a tiny message that reads "Thx2 allgamefans!"

You can see the message in a tweet embedded below.

Excited fans poring over the new handheld device have already discovered some other cool Easter Eggs left behind by the developer.

For example, Nintendo Life discovered that pressing different buttons when you want to awaken Switch from sleep mode in portable mode will trigger a variety of sound effects.

When the Switch prompts players to press the same button three times, pressing the ZL or the ZR buttons on the top of the Joy-Con controllers will play a different sound effect.

The Nintendo Switch has been receiving positive reviews since its Friday (3 March) release.

In a statement to Game Rant, GameStop's senior director of merchandising Eric Bright called the Switch launch one of the "strongest and most successful gaming console launches" in recent years.

To find out more about the Nintendo Switch, check out IBTimes UK's review of the new console.

No other hardware manufacturer takes the kind of risks Nintendo so often does. Whether or not it ultimately pays off is no reason to ridicule a philosophy that may not have served the company well in recent history, but which did make them a household name. The audacious idea that came to be Nintendo Switch has paid off.