It was just last week when Nintendo hosted a special presentation called "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents" wherein it revealed the final DLC character of the first Fighter Pass. Weeks leading up to the event, fans flooded online forums with speculation as to who was joining the roster. The game director finally confirmed it to be Byleth – the protagonist of "Fire Emblem: Three Houses." What came after was another surprise after he announced a second Fighter Pass with six more characters on the way.

Sakurai previously shared that fans of the game constantly send him requests regarding who to add. This time around, Nintendo already decided on the six new fighters but did not leave any clues as to who they will be. However, it seems that he might have unintentionally confirmed the first one that will join the ranks. While it is not yet official, there is a likelihood that it could be Steve from "Minecraft" which was one of the highly requested characters by players.

Masahiro Sakurai recently played Minecraft on his Nintendo Switch for the FIRST TIME. This has Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans believing he’s preparing for ‘Steve’ in Smash. This doesn’t confirm ANYTHING, but it’s true that Mr. Sakurai plays a game prior to a fighter’s arrival.

— Dan's Nintendo Feed (@TheNintendoFeed) January 19, 2020

This leak comes from an image posted on Sakurai's account profile which shows him to be playing "Minecraft" Others believe that he could be researching how to design the character and his moveset for "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate." Others point out that it could be fake to mislead players, reports Comic Book. Finally, some suggest that he could just be playing the game for fun.

On a related note, Nintendo will be facing tough competition from its two rivals. As Microsoft and Sony gear up to launch the Xbox Series X and PlayStation, respectively this fall. There are rumours that the company is already developing a Pro version of the Switch. Furthermore, it will likely feature better batter graphical capabilities, bigger internal storage, and more.

Masahiro Sakurai brought MORE NEWS than Byleth’s reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Mr. Sakurai confirmed that a ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter’s Pass 2’ exists. Before today, only more fighters confirmed. All Fighters released by December 2021! Available January 28!

— Dan's Nintendo Feed (@TheNintendoFeed) January 16, 2020

"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" continues to be a popular entry at every major fighting game tournaments. In fact, EVO Japan 2020 is just around the corner and will see some of the world's top players duke it out in Japan. Unfortunately, unlike other tournaments wherein a huge sum of money awaits the grand champion, this time, the winner gets to take home a special controller only.

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Fighter Pass 2
"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" producer Masahiro Sakurai announced a second season with another Fighter Pass. Photo: Nintendo