Even though Nintendo Switch sales are on a huge upswing, a class-action lawsuit can derail the company's successes. Amidst offers of repairing the faulty Joy-Con controllers for free as well as issuing refunds, the company is reportedly working on a new piece of hardware.

While rumours are circulating about a Pro version in the near future, sources are speculating it could be another Switch Lite with new components addressing the Joy-Con drift issue.

Talks of a new reworked model of the portable game system arrived shortly after a recent transaction with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It looks like Nintendo was filing documents for a new device designated as BKEHDH002. Given that the recently released Switch Lite carries the identification number BKEHDH001, gamers can only suspect a new version might be on the way.

The Nintendo Switch Lite has been in the market for barely over a week. Nevertheless, multiple complaints involving Joy-Con drift continue to plague the platform. Digital Trends states that owners of the new handheld game system still experience what the tech industry calls "ghost movements" on the analog sticks. This goes to show the defect is more widespread than expected.

Upon closer inspection, reports can confirm that nothing significant has been detailed on the FCC documents. However, this is to be expected since the independent agency handles matters that involve radiation output and wireless systems. Still, the fact that Nintendo submitted papers for a device that was assigned a new identification number still implies something is different.

Meanwhile, tech-savvy users that were willing to void their console's warranty took a peek inside the Switch Lite. After some digging around, it was supposedly confirmed that even the non-removable controllers used the same components as the regular Nintendo Switch. Therefore, it can possibly be used to support claims of Joy-Con drift on the latest models.

Nintendo has yet to release an official comment regarding the growing number of complaints about the controllers. On the other hand, not all users are affected by defective controllers. While the Switch Lite is practically just a smaller version of the hybrid game system, there are still a few key differences. The device is purely designed for portable play – this means the controllers are non-removable and it does not support TV-output via the official dock.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
The two Joy-Con controllers when separated from the screen. Nintendo