Sales numbers are showing Nintendo's new game system climbing up the charts and possibly closing the gap with Sony. However, despite its favourable performance in the gaming market, it comes with a fair share of negatives. Consumers have been complaining about a hardware issue that affects gameplay for a while now.

In fact, the growing number of reports are regarding the Joy-Con drift problem. This eventually resulted in a class-action lawsuit being filed against the Japanese gaming company in July. Now it appears that the Switch Lite is suffering from the same defect.

For those unaware of what the problem entails -- when the analog stick registers a slight movement even when it is in the neutral position. It seems that this is more prevalent on the left Joy-Con with a few reports of it happening to the right unit.

Initially, it was speculated to be limited to the original model, particularly those that were purchased during the launch. However, it seems to be an ongoing annoyance even for the newer versions that were out.

A new report from Tech Radar reveals that the Nintendo Switch Lite is likewise affected by the Joy-Con drift bug. This comes as a surprise given the time the manufacturer had to address the issue before releasing a new model. However, if more complaints from users who recently bought the smaller hybrid game system pile up, it could become a PR nightmare for the company.

Before the original lawsuit was filed, owners had no choice but to ship their faulty controllers to Nintendo for repair. Moreover, gamers were required to pay a fee with a waiting time of up to a few months before it was sent back. After legal action was taken, the company reportedly revisited its warranty policy and offered to replace the defective accessories free of charge.

Meanwhile, to appease the individuals who already paid for the repair service, a refund was allegedly offered as compensation.

Nintendo Switch Lite owners who are experiencing Joy-Con drift have the option of joining the class-action lawsuit. Those who are not interested can always get in touch with the customer service department and take it from there.

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