While Sony and Microsoft are busy gearing up for the launch of their respective consoles, Nintendo seems to be working on something of its own. Earlier this year, it was speculated that a pro version of the Switch might be in development after a Tokyo, Japan-based consultancy group hinted about its existence. In contrast, a Dutch developer likewise pointed out that sales of the hybrid console will not be affected by the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, a recently-published patent application filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) teases a new accessory.

Before the Switch came out, Nintendo's top handheld device was the 3DS which flaunted a dual-display configuration with a resistive touch screen on the bottom. Players relied on a stylus to interact with gameplay elements. In the patent dated June 4, 2019, it looks like the company might be paying homage to this control scheme with its "touch pen attachment" for the Switch.

Based on the images supplied by Nintendo with the patent application, this new accessory is designed to slide into the rail of the console's controllers, reports Destructoid. In fact, it looks like a Joy-Con Strap but features a round nib on one end. The documentation explains that it can be used as an input of some kind.

Moreover, it will rely on the built-in HD Rumble feature to generate a type of haptic feedback for the players. Depending on the context of what is on the screen, users will be prompted to press the buttons.

Another example given is the touch pen attachment being used to draw something on the screen. With a toggle of a button, the user can swap between a thick line or a thin one. It was not specified as to what type of software it will take advantage of.

It is too early to confirm if Nintendo will release an upgraded Switch in 2020. It is currently enjoying great sales numbers for both the base model and the Lite version. In theory, the purported Switch Pro will ship with a bigger capacity, larger batteries, new game carts storage sizes, improved graphics up to 4K resolution, and others.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
The two Joy-Con controllers when separated from the screen. Nintendo