With the impending arrival of the shift to next-generation gaming with the PS5 and Xbox Series X, some analysts claim it is time for Nintendo to catch up with an upgrade of its own. Earlier this month, it was rumoured that a Pro version of the device was already in development. Furthermore, the new console might allegedly come out ahead of the rivals and pack enough power to run games in 4K. However, a Dutch developer believes Sony and Microsoft's new machines will not affect the sales of the Switch.

Ever since the Nintendo Switch was launched, a considerable number of consumers quickly made comparisons with current-generation game systems. Despite being described as underpowered in contrast to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it still managed to compete with the former and even outsell the latter. Industry experts agree that it is the hybrid nature of the device, which continues to make it successful.

Similar to the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, Nintendo currently has two SKUs for the Switch: the Switch V2 and the Switch Lite. One is an upgraded model with better battery life, while the other is a purely handheld version. Even though some developers were able to port older and recent AAA games over, an article published by Nintendo Enthusiast thinks it will be difficult to do the same for next-generation software.

Meanwhile, Engine Software VP Ruud van de Moosdijk had this to say, "In my opinion the Nintendo Switch, like the Wii before, exists in its own dimension of the market and will continue to do well even when the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are released."

He further explained that Nintendo hardware relies on being unique instead of having the most powerful specifications. "That's why I always have to smile when I hear someone say Nintendo is done," added the gaming studio executive.

Moosdijk likens the Switch to the Wii, which despite being significantly less powerful than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, still managed to move more units than its competitors. Sony and Microsoft are expected to debut the PS5 and Xbox Series X next month, but Nintendo might not need to catch up with any of the two.

Nintendo said sales were given a lift by demand for the cheaper, smaller version of its popular Switch console Photo: AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP