When the Nintendo Switch first launched, it was considered a unique hybrid game system which can be played on a TV and as a handheld while on the move. In fact, even though its graphics and performance cannot match that of the PS4 and Xbox One, it still managed to climb up the overall sales charts and unseat Microsoft for second place. While the software it came with at launch was serviceable enough, gamers quickly pointed out its shortcomings. It seems the developers were listening as the firmware version 10.0.0 addresses a few of its missing features.

With people instructed to stay indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the gaming industry has reported overwhelming demand for various platforms. There has been a huge sales spike for gaming PCs and home consoles. With production facilities unable to operate at full capacity, shipments of restocks are hard to come by. This has left retailers with a skeleton inventory. The first one reported to have sold out is the Nintendo Switch.

The first major tweak added by firmware version 10.0.0 is the ability to remap controller buttons. By default, the Nintendo Switch uses removable controllers called Joy-Cons for gameplay. Those who prefer a more traditional setup can purchase the official gamepad separately. Unfortunately, some users prefer to configure their controllers according to their preferences. After the latest update, it is now possible to save up to five different settings for various games, according to GameSpot.

Additionally, Switch owners can now transfer DLC, updates, and software data between the console and the microSD card. This is a useful function for those who purchase digital copies of their games. Meanwhile, it should be noted that there are certain items that cannot be transferred at all. The rest of the changes are reportedly minor but nonetheless useful for gamers who want more versatility out of their device.

Fifa 18 Nintendo Switch
Fifa 18 being played in Switch's tabletop mode. EA

The Nintendo Switch is currently sold out in almost every market globally. The manufacturer is yet to make an announcement as to when restocks are likely to arrive. Some have even resorted to purchasing from resellers with a sizable markup in price. Firmware version 10.0.0 is evidently a major update that finally adds several highly requested features to the delight of fans.