North Korea has unveiled a new airport featuring VIP rooms, restaurants and shops offering beer, Mars bars and other sweets.

Pictures of dictator Kim Jong-un touring the recently completed terminal at Pyongyang International Airport were splashed over three pages by state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

North Korea Pyongyang Airport
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un inspects the new Pyongyang airport terminal Rodong Sinmun

The Communist regime's mouthpiece reported the leader was "very satisfied to see the terminal well built as required by modern architectural beauty and national character".

Kim was seen inspecting duty-free stores selling watches and cosmetics and passing through an airport security detector accompanied by his wife, Ri Sol-Ju, and the usual following of officials.

North Korea Pyongyang Airport
The terminal features restaurants and bars Rodong Sinmun

Due to open in July the airport, in Kim's plan, should be connected to the capital by high-speed railways and a motorway, which are not yet built, the newspaper reported.

The propagandistic boast was in line with Kim's pledge to develop state-of-the-art infrastructures in the hermit kingdom, including ski resorts and water parks.

North Korea Pyongyang new airport
Kim Jong-un toured the facility accompanied by his wife Ri Sol-Ju Rodong Sinmun

These are expected to be enjoyed by the few tourists visiting the country and a close circle of high-ranked figures, as a large share of the population is struggling to bring food to the table in the first place.

More than two million of the country's 25 million people are receiving help from UN World Food Programme and one in three children under five are malnourished, according to the BBC.

This year, North Korea said it is facing its worst drought in more than a century, with the UN calling for $111m (£70m) in April to fund its humanitarian projects in North Korea, adding that 70% of the population faced food shortages.

North Korea Pyongyang new airport
The airport is due to open in July Rodong Sinmun
North Korea Pyongyang new airport
Kim Jong-un reportedly said he was satisfied with the works Rodong Sinmun